Reeves Plumbing and Heating will warranty any labor or parts for 10 years from the date of installation. This warranty is NON-TRANSFERABLE to new owners of the system. The system installed by Reeves Plumbing and Heating co must be serviced at a minimum of once every 365 days at an additional cost. This to include once for a gas forced air furnace and once for a central air conditioning system once every 365 days. If service dates exceeds 365 days from the last visit to the next visit the warranty will be void and will revert back to the standard 1 year warranty. This Warranty to include if Reeves Plumbing and Heating co. cannot fix your air conditioner or gas furnace with in the 10 year warranty period Reeves will replace your system at no charge as long as the proper maintenance has been done to the system under the 365 day rule. This excludes to cost of all filters, humidifier panels, batteries for thermostat, and any preventive maintenance item. Any parts or equipment replaced under the 10 year labor warranty reverts back to the original date of the installation and will not be extended. If equipment is abused or any acting outside force that causes the equipment to fail it will not be covered under the 10 warranty. If equipment gets water damaged due to burst pipes freezing or flooding it voids warranty