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Reeves ductless systems are becoming more and more popular in today’s growing HVAC market. Ductless systems are exactly that, “ductless”. These systems can provide a high ton of cooling in a little space with no duct work. there is one component that is installed on the inside of the home called the head. this is where the cool air comes from. There is another component that is installed on the outside of the home called the condenser. This is where the compressor is located.


Why Ductless?

Why ductless? There are many different benefits for installing a ductless system! The first benefit is if a customer has hydronic heating with a boiler that wants to have air conditioning installed. This is a quick way to get away from having to install a whole new duct work system. Duct work systems installed can get relativity expensive. Duct less would be less expensive and less evasive. When we say evasive we mean putting the home back together (drywall and carpentry repairs), which WILL need to be done.

Another benefit to a home owner would that want to install ductless a ductless system is that the home owner has more control over their temperatures and humidity in their home. The nice thing about ductless systems is that you can have two different temperatures in two different rooms of the home. Another benefit is that some units can put out heat as well as cooling.  So not only is the unit benefiting you in the summer but also in the winter. Ductless systems can even be more efficient than standard air conditioners in the duct work. The standard efficiency for standard air conditioners is 13 seer, it is normal to get a ductless unit that has a 23 seer rating. You as the home owner are actually saving money!


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Call Reeves Plumbing & Heating Co. handles this service and would be more than happy to come to your home and explain all of the features and benefits of ductless systems. Our techs will arrive in a timely manor, be courteous and come up with several options for you to choose from. You can schedule a visit online or call (440)701-4543 for our Cleveland area customers or (814)459-0004 for our Erie area customers